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Flawless Addiction is about finding life. Embracing your beauty.. loving your hair.



       As a professional hair stylist, mother and smart shopper I have always had a passion for quality products. Over the last 15 years I have searched for the best quality of hair comparing texture, type and density.

Through my experiences I’ve worked with different variations to include commercial, 100% human and local beauty supply store hair. I’ve seen some of the best and worst weaves and extensions come through the salon. After countless consultations I was determined to discover a product that I would not only distribute but a product I would personally install and 100% stand by.

Our clients will contest nothing compares to what Flawless Addiction has to offer. We understand the complexity and expectations our clients have and we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer services worldwide. Flawless Hair…..Flawless Life!

Shantell Ferguson,
Founder of Flawless Addiction

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